Standing Cage Performance Requirements


A standing cage must have two key design features to perform adequately.


For example, most 2-1/4" cages will allow a flow rate of water with about 18 inches of head (.645 lbs.) which ranges from 6 to 22 US GPM depending on the style and manufacturer of the cage. Under the same conditions, the HIVAC cage will allow 34 US GPM. To put this into meaningful perspective, a 2" bore pump with 100" stroke length and 10 SPM requires a flow rate through the standing cage of 27.2 US GPM to fill the compression chamber of the pump.

In terms of compression, all of the cages, with the exception of the HIVAC cage, we have tested which have been designed with flow capacity as the priority, all exhibit very poor compression capability.

On a compression testing machine which has a 24" stroke, most cages will build up between 80 to 103 PSI when the bottom of a recessed seat plug in the traveling cages comes within 1/4" of the top of the standing cage. Under those same conditions, the HIVAC cage will build up 148 PSI.


The unique design of the HIVAC (High Volume and Compression) cage offers the two features in a standing cage that are key to good overall performance down hole.



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