Breeders of Fine Quality Terriers since 1981




Our first breed was Australian Terriers. Our first Australian Terrier was purchased in 1981 as a pet. She was Australian Terrier, Estolly's Abba Lookin Good. Abba was purchased from the then president of the Australian Terrier Club of America, Carl Breymen, of Long Beach, California. While she was not to be our foundation bitch, she was the reason that we fell in love with the Australian Terrier breed, and have worked so hard to develop and maintain a good line over the years. We did succeed in putting a Companion Dog Excellent in obedience on Abba, but she was not at all interested in, nor was she suited to the conformation ring.

At this time we became interested in breeding Australian Terriers, and Maralinga Kennel was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We went in search of a good bitch and a dog that we could breed and develop our lines from. We found such a bitch and a dog at the Sprite Lea Kennels, in Richmond, Ill. It was from Drs. Gene and Katharine Barnes that we purchased Am. Ch. Sprite Lea Eddington and Am. Ch. Taralee Ever Ready who were to become our foundation stock. They had bred Eddington themselves and purchased Ever Ready from Dr. Woolcock of the Taralee Kennels in Australia. Sprite Lea had used Ever Ready in their breeding program several times and they were willing to sell her to us.

Ever Ready and Eddington turned out to be a very good genetic match. From these two Aussies came our greatest claim to fame in the Aussie fancy in the form of a very lovely bitch, BIS CH. Maralinga’s Magic In Motion. Magic holds the record in Canada for FIVE all breed BESTS IN SHOW. She was the Top Australian Terrier in Canada for 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989. She also holds the record for the most points awarded to an Australian Terrier in Canada in the history of the breed.

At this same time Magic’s half-sister, Ch. Maralinga’s Smooth Sailing, out of the same dam, Am. Ch. Taralee Ever Ready, was the Number Two Australian Terrier In Canada. For the years of 1987 and 1988 we had the TWO Top Aussies in Canada produced by the same dam.

In 1991, Ch. Maralinga Sir was the Number Four Australian Terrier In Canada with very limited showing. In 1992, another dog that we bred was the Number Two Australian Terrier in Canada, Ch. Maralinga Eddington’s Oz. Then in 1993, Oz became our second homebred Aussie to be the Number One Australian Terrier in Canada, handled by his owner Pat Scharf. As his name indicated, he is out of Am. Can. Ch. Sprite Lea Eddington too. That made TWO top Aussies in Canada that Eddington had sired. Can. Am. Ch. Sprite Lea Eddington was himself the Number Two Australian Terrier in Canada in 1984.

While Eddington and Ever Ready are no longer with us they have left us a great legacy. We have worked energetically with their offspring to produce excellent temperaments, soundness, intelligence and good health.

We were members of the Australian Terrier Club of America since our first Aussie was purchased. We have attended many ATCA specialties in The United States for the breed.

We have promoted the breed in Canada through sponsorship of supported entries, by submitting articles to the Dogs in Canada breedlines, through support in grooming, showing and providing breed information to all of our puppy purchasers and the general public.

Maralinga Kennels was awarded the Pedigree Breeders Award for producing the most Australian Terrier Champions for 1992 in Canada.

Over the years, we have owned and produced many champion Australian Terriers such as:

  • Am. Can. Ch. Sprite Lea Eddington ** (Imp. USA)
  • Am. Ch. Taralee Ever Ready (Imp. Aust.)
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Magic Riptide *
  • BIS Ch. Maralinga’s Magic In Motion ****
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Sprite Lea Cutty Sark
  • Ch. Sprite Lea Deja Vue of Anubis (Imp. USA)
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Crocodile Dundee **
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Mystique *CD
  • Am. Can. Ch. Maralinga’s Masterpiece
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Sir *
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Where’s My Baby
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Little Bag of Tricks
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Eddington’s Oz ***
  • Ch. Negura Hyhopes* (Imp. Aust.)
  • Ch. Mariendals Red Pepper (Imp. DK.)



We have also put two obedience titles on our first Aussie, Estolly’s Abba Lookin Good CDX, and much to our delight a bitch we bred, Ch. Maralinga Mystique CD, was the very first Flyball Champion Australian Terrier In North America, owned and trained by Glen and Marg Mickelson.

We are proud of the fact that all of our own dogs are breeder - owner - handled. For years we have encouraged and assisted new dog fanciers to groom, train and show their own dogs.

In 1990, we added Norwich Terriers to our breeding program. On a trip to Denmark we saw and fell in love with Norwich Terriers. We found a male by the name of DK. Ch. Seloy Lord Pomeroy who we were lucky enough to be able to purchase. Pommer returned home with us to Canada and since then we have had a wonderful time with this breed. They are somewhat different from the Australian Terriers, yet get along well with them. For the past few years we have bred Norwich Terriers exclusively. We no longer breed Australian Terriers, even though we still admire the breed.

We feel we have been able to expand our knowledge in dogs with the addition of this breed. In fact, our breeding program is now dedicated solely to the breeding of Norwich Terriers.

The primary objective in our breeding program with this lovely little breed is the same as it was with the Australian Terrier, temperament, health soundness and support for our puppy buyers.

We belong to the Norwich Terrier Club of England, and we attend as many specialties in the United States as we can.

We have produced or purchased the following Norwich Terrier champions since 1990. They are as follows:

  • Dk. Can. Ch. Seloy Lord Pomeroy * (Imp DK.)
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Red Baron
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Grizzly +*
  • Ch. Maralinga’s King Arfer **
  • Ch. Raglan A Ruby For Maralinga
  • Ch. Raglan Milly Maralinga
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Scarlet Pimpernel +**
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Prince Charming *
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Miss Kitty
  • Ch. Maralinga’s Marshall Dillion *
  • Ch. Maralinga Priddy Penny
  • Ch. Maralinga Holy Smoke +
  • Ch. Maralinga Earl McKinley +*
  • Ch. Maralinga Malarkey +*
  • Ch. Maralinga Mercedes+
  • Ch. Maralinga Merindah
  • Ch. Maralinga Alberta to Bonawe+
  • Ch. Maralinga Tina Turner++
  • Ch. Maralinga Charlie's Angel
  • Ch. Maralinga Mahogany+
  • Am. Can. Ch. Maralinga Buckledown Fifinella
  • Ch. Maralinga Sir Ted E. Bear+*
  • Ch. Maralinga Robson of Bonawe** + ++
  • Am. & Can. Ch. Maralinga Johnny Be Good
  • Am. & Can. Ch. Maralinga Turner Loose ++ + *
  • Ch. Maralinga Razzle Dazzle +
  • Am. & Can Ch. Maralinga Malibu of Amblegreen
  • Am. Ch. Norieland Doing The Maralinga
  • Ch. Maralinga Tucker of Norieland
  • Ch. Maralinga Coco Channel
  • Ch. Maralinga Halle Bear E
  • Am. Can. Ch. Maralinga Just Joe Cool**
  • Ch. Maralinga The Little Hobbit*
  • Am. Can Ch. Maralinga Mick McCool**



We are continuously attempting to improve our stock and maintain the high standard of the dogs that we breed for both show and pet homes. Health and temperament are of the utmost importance to us.

Because we care, our pet puppies are sold on CKC non-breeding contracts to protect the dogs.

Maralinga Kennel is situated on three and one half acres in the Vernon area. All visitors are welcome with a prearranged appointment.

Maralinga Kennel Perm Reg'd is the proud recipient of the 1999 Pedigree Norwich Terrier Top Breeder Award confered by Pedigree and the Canadian Kennel Club.