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The first official Norwich Terrier breed standard calls for "a perfect demon yet not quarrelsome and of a lovable disposition." This is what the breeders have tried to breed throughout the history of the breed. They are true ratters and hunters of small vermin, yet get along with one another.

Norwich Terriers are a sensitive breed and love people. It is said , "They never know a stranger. " They are unhappy if shut away from human contact, and should never be kept outside in a kennel. They make excellent family pets and wonderful companions. Norwich Terriers are tough little terriers physically, who live to a good old age with the proper care and attention. They require good food and regular exercise along with the proper grooming.


Jake, Priddy and Tina (Turner) with Canada's Finest. 

Norwich Puppies doing what puppies do.

Terriers and Toys

Jake and his friend

Jake and his squeaky cigar